Thanks to their good thermal conductivity, metal ceilings are particularly suitable for room temperature control. The water-bearing surface heating and surface cooling systems, as heating and / or cooling ceilings, create a pleasant feel-good atmosphere.

The prefabricated heating / cooling registers are integrated in a thermally conductive manner in ceiling panels, panels, cassettes or slats.

A chilled ceiling has clear advantages over conventional air conditioning systems: on the one hand, the lower drafts result in lower indoor air velocities, and on the other hand, the perceived room temperature corresponds to the rough average of the average indoor air temperature and average surface temperature of the enclosure area.

Furthermore, a chilled ceiling creates a largely uniform temperature profile in the room. In cooling ceilings with a high radiation component, the perceived room temperature is 1.5 - 2 K below the room air temperature, which has a pleasant effect on the human perception of temperature.

Temperature control is one of the most important and most energy-intensive points in the thermal building supply. With metal heating / cooling ceilings, you can rely on sustainable energy-efficient technology with the proven advantages of metal as a material.

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