If the standard is not enough

Through the continuous development of regulations for metal ceiling systems, TAIM sets new requirements and thus regulates the quality characteristics more in depth than the european standards. This ensures a European recognized quality standard for metal ceilings.

TAIM quality means more current - better - further - faster than the standard.

TAIM corresponds to the European standard of practice, which is constantly developing and changing; thus TAIM is always one step ahead of the norm.

TAIM always strives to continuously ensure the qualitative adjustments to the European benchmarks.

In order to meet these high requirements, the goal is to more than meet all required standards. Since the certified quality is evident in the building materials and materials used as well as in the strictly controlled manufacturing processes, the TAIM members can not be given the status "TAIM certified" for nothing.

TAIM fulfills all requirements and is therefore always up to date. With regard to test regulations, the TAIM quality delivers what it promises. The quality speaks for itself from the origin, through the manufacturing process, to completion and ultimately to success. This can be seen from many practical examples:
The colour or degree of gloss of individual designs as well as the limits for expanded metal, Baffles or large open cell systems with regard to dimensions, also external and limiting dimensions.

In the THM "Technical Hand book for Metal ceiling systems" not only deals with these topics, but also shows solutions.

The members of the TAIM e.V. commit themselves in all points of the THM "Technical Handbook for Metal Ceiling Systems" to compliance with the specified minimum quality level, which, depending on the degree of use, also goes beyond the normative requirements.

Technical Manual for Metal Ceiling Systems

TAIM E.V. metal ceilings with quality

TAIM e. V. is an association of industrial metal ceiling manufacturers from Europe whose members have come together to promote the use of metal ceilings in economic and technical terms. Originating from the Technical Working Group of Industrial Metal Ceiling Manufacturers (TAIM), this association has defined internationally recognized quality standards for metal ceilings since its foundation in 1988 and has continuously updated it to the current state of the art.

The primary goal of TAIM e. V. is the promotion of the quality and quality aspect of metal ceiling systems beyond the minimum requirements of standards. TAIM sets new standards for the existing Standardisation through the additional development of regulations for metal ceilings, which does not or only incompletely deals with them.

Thanks to its continuous improvements, TAIM is a recognized benchmark beyond European borders when it comes to quality criteria for metal ceiling systems.

new standards for quality and safety in europe

The central quality tool of TAIM is the certification developed in 2015, which is also the prerequisite for membership in the association. The set of rules in the certification sets new standards for the entire metal ceiling industry and is therefore one of the most detailed of its kind in Europe. This ensures that the highest quality standards apply in every TAIM-certified company and that the company takes all structural regulations and safety aspects into account when manufacturing metal ceilings


The certificate comprises a broad and at the same time well-founded spectrum of quality criteria. The following are checked as part of the certification: Business processes, compliance with tolerances, test and evaluation procedures, material procurement and quality of the raw material. Aspects such as fire protection, sound insulation, mechanical strength and compliance with standard EN 13964 (European standard for suspended ceilings - requirements and test methods) are also addressed. The certification must be carried out every year by all members. This ensures that the products have a consistently high quality level.


For metal ceiling manufacturers all over Europe, the TAIM certificate is an important proof of professional production processes and high quality products. The certificate signals to property developers and architects in particular that a TAIM member is a professionally qualified company that is very familiar with the applicable standards and regulations relating to the construction of metal ceilings. Professionals from all over Europe are at work here, who are constantly expanding their technical know-how, keeping their knowledge up to date and specialising in top quality.


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