4-star Superior Hotel AMERON Zürich Bellerive au Lac

The Studio Bellerive is the fusion of the restaurant and the bar. The name comes from the legendary Zurich film studio, which has been located in the former tennis halls of the Hotel Bellerive au Lac since 1953. The restaurant and bar area is equipped with a baffle ceiling. This is in the colour RAL 8022 and fits perfectly into the stylish design of the Studio Bellerive. It loosens up the ceiling design by creating an aesthetically pleasing connection with the ventilation fittings and hiding the lights cleverly placed between the baffles. In addition to the special look, the perforated baffle ceiling also helps create pleasant room acoustics. Another function of the ceiling is the integration of cooling elements into the baffles, which creates a pleasant room climate. In summary, the baffle ceiling meets all the requirements of Studio Bellerive.  In general, baffles are a good choice for architects because they combine many advantages. When designing baffle ceilings, planners have a large selection and can develop their design: starting with the shape (length, height, width), through the composition of the individual baffle elements, to the colour - a baffle ceiling offers a high degree of design freedom. In addition, it conceals the ceiling void and creates practical solutions for built-in components or alarm units. In large rooms, you can also control the acoustics specifically through different perforations in individual areas of the room. The integration of cooling elements results in a further significant advantage. All these aspects of the baffle ceiling have been perfectly implemented in Studio Bellerive.