In addition to the continuous further development of quality standards, environmentally conscious action also plays a major role for TAIM. With metal ceilings from the TAIM members, you can build not only on high-quality products, but also on sustainable, resource-saving processes.

For this purpose, the components of metal ceilings are already delivered with a very high degree of prefabrication in order to reduce the on-site waste. Already during production, attention is paid to the environmentally conscious use of resources, since the metal has a high percentage of recycling and ecologically sound coatings. This enables the ceiling panels to be recycled safely.
Steel retains its quality properties after recycling and is one of them few materials that can be melted an unlimited number of times while maintaining their positive properties.

Modern coating systems can create finished surfaces at the factory. Coating plants that only need clean water vapor and are equipped with powder recovery; neither waste water nor exhaust air make a major contribution to environmental protection.

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