Metal ceilings have many advantages and are therefore used in a wide variety of areas of everyday life.

One of the main areas of application for metal ceilings, especially in combination with heating and cooling technologies, is office space. Easy maintenance, the accessible ceiling cavity and the simple or unusual look are the main criteria for use in offices.

Metal ceilings can be used in many ways and are therefore also excellently suited for demanding rooms where functionality and design often have to go hand in hand. Examples of this would be airports or station halls, since metal ceilings are often exposed to environmental influences, suction loads or wind pressure.

Metal ceilings can also be found in lecture halls or cinemas, because above all the perfect acoustic properties must be guaranteed and valued.

Metal ceilings are also an advantage in sports halls and swimming pools. Thanks to special coating processes and construction methods, TAIM metal ceilings can withstand these enormous loads in the long term.

Another area that requires increased protection requirements is the hygiene area. Metal ceilings are also best used here. Especially in food businesses, sanitary facilities, hospitals and laboratories, metal ceilings with antibacterial coatings can help to prevent the spread of dangerous bacteria thanks to their easy cleaning and resistance to various disinfectants.

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