High-tech buildings require quick access to the ceiling cavity if necessary.
High-tech buildings use the ceiling cavity for multiple installations. However, such installations in the ceiling cavity are also subject to certain maintenance intervals, which is why access should be guaranteed as permanently and simply as possible.

Simple disassembly and reassembly are an important prerequisite for this. The top layers must not be damaged.
Metal ceilings with robust edge designs also meet high requirements here. The simplest of their kind are inlaid ceiling tiles, which are completely removed from the substructure by hand.

There are different types of ceilings; some need tools to get a larger access opening to the ceiling cavity, others work without tools.

If storage of the ceiling elements after opening is undesirable, ceiling panels can be equipped with a folding mechanism.
If that is still not enough, several ceiling panels can be folded down and pushed together to form large openings.
After completing the work, the ceiling is clean again.

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