The metal ceilings of the TAIM members are economical solutions in many ways. The prefabricated ceiling components reduce the on-site waste and at the same time increase the quality of the end product.

This can be seen e.g. during assembly, which is quick and inexpensive. There is also the possibility of inexpensive metal ceiling systems, such as e.g. to combine tile or linear panel ceilings with more complex systems.

Compared to the usually cheaper alternative products, the use of metal ceilings pays off in the long run, as they are characterized by their robustness, easy maintenance and high-quality materials.

The highly efficient heating and cooling ceiling systems are further aspects that speak for economy. Thanks to low flow temperatures and the advantages of radiant heat, metal ceilings with heating / cooling technology are not only economically profitable, they also protect the environment and ensure a noticeably improved indoor climate.

* Additional information can be requested from members or TAIM.