Metal ceilings are well suited to meeting the objectives of sound level reduction and increasing speech intelligibility. The standard design is a perforated metal ceiling tile without fire protection requirements with an acoustic fleece applied to the reverse side. In addition, mineral wool inlays sealed in transparent, acoustic foils or absorbers can be inserted for higher performance requirements.

A sound insulating ceiling can be used to minimise the effects of sound attenuation from adjacent offices, services noise or impact sound from floors above. To achieve sound insulating properties, metal ceiling elements are equipped with heavy inlays. Such a system has the big advantage that for normal requirements no closing off is required in the ceiling void. For example, partitions don’t need to be taken right up to the soffit and therefore allow the room layout to remain flexible. The ceiling void also remains free for the installation of services. The installation of swing-down ceiling tiles enables easy and convenient access to the ceiling void. The ceiling system requires very little more ceiling height and also achieves very good sound absorption values due to the mineral wool inlay, whilst keeping the familiar look of a metal ceiling.