The metal ceiling manufacturers who are affiliated to this association agree to comply with the quality standards established by TAIM. With these quality standards, TAIM is setting the standard for the regulations in accordance with DIN EN 13964 (Suspended Ceilings: Requirements and test methods).

The harmonisation of the regulations ensures a uniform methods of measurement for quality assurance of materials, tolerances and surface finishes. Generally, metal ceilings impress in that they are hard-wearing and robust, particularly in relation to surface cleaning and removal of the ceiling elements for maintenance in the ceiling void. Special coating systems and construction types enable installation in areas with high demands. Metal ceilings, for example in swimming pools, can be made to survive not only ball impact but the ongoing aggressive nature of the atmosphere.

Metal ceilings do not only offer you a unique design option, but also an impressive high quality and longevity, providing valuable advantages in life cycle costs.