Metal ceilings are particularly suited to interior climate control thanks to the good thermal conductivity of metal. Equipped with special technologies, they act as heated and/or chilled ceilings, creating a comfortable interior climate.

Heated and chilled ceilings are water based, space heating and chilling systems. They consist of heated or chilled elements as thermal conductors integrated into ceiling tiles, panels, cassettes or rafts. In many cases the elements consist of an aluminium conductor profile and copper piping. Components with especially good thermal conductivity guarantee an energy efficient system.

Chilled ceilings offer advantages over conventional ventilation systems due to several factors: Firstly, the low input air that is determined by the minimum air exchange and not the cooling load, leads to lower air speeds. Furthermore, the perceived room temperature corresponds with the average ambient air temperature and average surface temperature of the surrounding area. A chilled ceiling is capable of producing a broad, uniform, vertical temperature profile in a room. Chilled ceilings with high radiation, give a perceived room temperature around 1.5 – 2 K under the room temperature, which has a positive effect on comfort. Finally, but not least, humans radiate approximately 50% of their excess heat into their surrounding area. Therefore, a chilled ceiling system on the basis of radiation cooling supports the physiological heat emission of humans.

Climate control is one of the most major energy consuming areas of a buildings thermal provision. With heated or chilled metal ceilings you achieve a sustainable energy efficient technology with the added material advantages of metal.