Preventative structural fire protection plays a major role not only when it comes to the protection of health and life, but also the protection of possessions and the environment. 

The main areas deemed to be essential are:

  • Preventing the outbreak of fire
  • Limiting the spread of flame and smoke
  • Enabling the rescue of people and animals
  • Ensuring the feasibility of effective fire fighting

Metal ceilings in accordance with TAIM and regulated standards are ideally suited, when correctly applied and installed, to meet the stated objectives. Metal ceilings help in general with the prevention and restriction of fire damage in practice and can be implemented as "non-combustible" or "fire resistant". State of the art technology enables metal ceilings to be finished on the reverse side with an acoustic fleece which can achieve a building material class of A2-s1, d0 "non-combustible".

The metal ceilings of the members of TAIM fulfil high requirements through the completion of test certificates issued by officially recognised test institutes.