For TAIM, not only is the continuing development of quality standards important but also the responsibility for the environment and future generations. With the metal ceilings from the members of TAIM, you are not only building with products of the highest quality but also products created from sustainable, resource conserving processes. 

As a rule, the components of metal ceilings are delivered with a high degree of prefabrication to reduce the level of on site waste. Metal, with a high percentage of recycled content and safe, harmless coatings applied through efficient technologies shows that attention is already given to environmentally conscious use of resources during production. The resulting simple separation of materials enables the safe reuse and recycling of ceiling tiles.

Modern powder coating facilities can create factory finished surfaces. The VOC and TVOC values are well below the limits outlined by AgBB (Committee for the health assessment of construction products) and DIBT (The German Institute for Building Technology, Berlin)

Coating facilities that can run without waste water and emissions, with the exception of uncontaminated water vapour, and with powder recovery technology make a huge contribution to a cleaner environment.

In the field of chilled ceilings use is made of the energy saving potential with a low flow temperature and in addition, modern products can abandon entire reliance on cooling agents.