The metal ceilings of the members of TAIM are economic solutions in many respects. Ceiling components with a high level of prefabrication reduce on sitewasteand at the same time increase the quality of the end product. Less time is also needed for installation and therefore reduces costs. On top of this, low cost metal ceiling systems, such as cassettes or panels, can also be combined with a variety of high-end systems. Compared to most of the low priced alternative gypsum or mineral fibre products, metal ceilings are valued for their robustness and easy maintenance as well as their high quality surfaces and materials, especially for long term use.

Another economical advantage is the highly efficient heating and cooling technology used in radiant ceilings. Thanks to the low flow temperature and the advantages of radiant heat, metal ceilings with heating or cooling technology can not only save money, but also contribute to environmental sustainability and can provide a noticeably improved interior climate. The reduction of the use of mechanical ventilators to the required minimum air exchange minimises the energy consumption and the higher system temperatures. This means that compared to conventional ventilation systems, less cooling is required leading to better performance.