Metal ceilings allow an almost unlimited variety of extraordinary designs.

The initial system selection can already affect the final aesthetic of the ceiling. The foundations for the final aesthetic of the ceiling can already be laid, for example through curving the sub-structure or the specification of the joint layout.

A further decision concerning the aesthetic is of course connected to the wide variety of available materials as for example, steel with real wood veneer, anodised aluminium or brushed stainless steel not only have different properties but also create a completely different optic. These materials together with their surface finishes achieve unique optical effects.

Ever-popular, expanded metal is also worth considering for different design situations due to its versatility. In general, the look of an expanded metal ceiling or open ceiling system such as a baffleceiling can be greatly influenced by the visibility of the overlying void. In addition, today ceiling tiles are available in all imaginable forms, whether round, triangular, trapezoidal, or unique bespoke designs. Another alternative is to use ceiling tiles with different perforation patterns, which can completely change the look of a room or give an area definition or distinction. All of these measures contribute to creating unique spaces.