A special function of metal ceilings is that the ceiling void offers suitable storage space for services and equipment, so that visible cables and pipes do not make the room look unsightly. However, maintenance intervals should be considered when concealing services in the ceiling void. For this reason, access to the ceiling void should be made permanent and easy. The members of TAIM have created a variety of solutions that they have spent years developing and perfecting.   

Lay-in ceiling tiles that are lifted out of the grid by hand offer the simplest form of construction.

If the stacking or storage of ceiling tiles whilst the ceiling void is open is not desired, ceiling tiles can be equipped with a swing-down mechanism. There is of course a variety of different types available including those that require tools and those that do not require tools to open and also the possibility to push more than one swing-down tile together to create a larger opening into the ceiling void.

Open ceiling systems, such as baffle ceilings, offer access through the open space between the linear profiles   State of the art technology also enables mechanisms that make these systems easy to maintain and revise.

The opposite requirements appear in situations with increased security requirements, when it comes to protecting the ceiling from unauthorised access. In these situations, special locking devices are also available that are required, for example, in prisons. Other construction methods are also available to effectively hinder hiding places or manipulation.